What Maxine Waters Just Said Even Had MSNBC Second Guessing Her!


Maxine Waters has made a name for herself over the past months by being the voice for the most insane things coming out of the Democratic Party and that is saying something.

But just when you thought Maxine Waters’ earlier rants on impeaching Trump or whatever conspiracy theories she cooks up in her head without evidence couldn’t be topped, she goes and proves that she can always set the new record for crazy.

What she said even had MSNBC second guessing her!

Maxine Waters:

I really do believe that a lot of what you see coming out of Trump’s mouth is a play from Putin’s playbook.

I think that when you saw him absolutely calling Hillary crooked, the ‘lock her up, lock her up!” all of that was developed.

I think that was developed strategically with people from the Kremlin, with Putin.


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