What Caitlyn Jenner Just Said Will Have The Democrats Losing Their Mind!


Caitlyn Jenner appeared on Tucker Carlson to speak her mind and what she said goes against everything that the Democrats want people to believe.

Caitlyn Jenner just shattered every Democrats dreams by confirming that she not only supports Trump but she voted for him.

Democrats want people to believe that the Republicans hate everyone but that isn’t true at all and Catilyn Jenner confirms that.

Tucker Carlson: One of the braver things you’ve done is voting for Trump while living in Malibu and telling about it. What did your neighbors and friends say?

Caitlyn Jenner: They were fine in Malibu with it but let’s put it this way, I never actually came out and outwardly supported Trump. The media did that for me. I’m on the Republican, conservative side. And he wound up being our candidate and so certainly I was going to vote for him.

The Democrats want people to believe that Republicans are horrible people and that no one would vote for Trump, but that just isn’t true.

Caitlyn Jenner just destroyed all of the Democrats lies and dreams and it couldn’t have come at a better time.


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