Watch What Happens in Background as DNC Chair Mentions Hillary on Live TV…


Many of us on the right believe strongly that liberal policies are bad for America and that Democrats holding power will ultimately bring this country crashing down.

It would appear that the American flag feels that way too, or at least one particular flag that was on a stage behind Democrat National Committee Chairman Tom Perez while he took part in an interview with MSNBC.

Perez was speaking with host Joy Reid about the supposed newfound “unity” in the Democrat Party — between the disparate wings of support for socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton — when a large American flag on a stand behind him became wobbly and ultimately crashed to the floor with a loud racket, according to the Washington Free Beacon.

Perez remained unfazed though, and ignored the crashing American flag as continued to spew his talking points about progressive unity — a rather surreal and emblematic moment if ever there was one. Watch it here:

While it was unclear exactly what caused the flag to topple to the ground, some might suggest it simply grew weary under the heavy and burdensome weight of leftist policies.

Others might say the American flag grew faint and toppled over at the mere mention of Hillary Clinton once again leading a unified Democrat Party, as it just couldn’t bear the thought hearing her shrill voice spew lie after lie once more.

Still others might presume that the generally known horribleness of Clinton, which quite possibly would have brought the country tumbling down from the precarious position former President Barack Obama left it in, was just too much for the American flag to bear.

Or it could have been the flag finally realizing that liberals in general are disgusted by it and no longer give it the respect and reverence it is due.

Regardless of why the American flag fell to the ground behind Tom Perez after he mentioned Hillary Clinton, the symbolism was impossible to miss.


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