WATCH HERE: FBI Agent Blows Case Wide Open After Leaking The Truth About Mueller’s And Comey’s Relationship


Recently, former FBI agent James Gagliano appeared on CNN to say that he finds something deeply “troubling” about the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel to investigate Russia’s election interference.

Gagliano reportedly worked with both Mueller and Comey when he was at the FBI and added that he “respects” each of them.
“The only thing that has troubled me from the start … why would you appoint a special prosecutor that has a personal relationship with one of the central figures in the investigation?” Gagliano began.

“My criticism is the special prosecutor, Robert Mueller, has a personal relationship with former Director Comey,” he added. “Why would you appoint a special prosecutor to conduct an investigation where a central witness and figure has a personal relationship?”

At the end of the conversation, even CNN legal analyst Paul Callan agreed this was an “odd choice.”

“I think to put him in charge of the investigation now of Comey — that, maybe, could be problematic,” he explained.


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