Trump Gets The ‘Hebrew Hammer’ From Bibi — The Greatest American-Israeli Handshake in History


There is no doubt that handshakes are important in politics.

They can signify quite a bit.

As Trump was closing out his Israel trip and finishing a number of public appearances with Prime Minister Netanyahu, the president got a very special handshake from the Israeli leader, known to most as The Hebrew Hammer.

The Hammer is a very complicated, artistic handshake meant to show affection while still emitting power. The move was perfectly executed by Bibi as he greeted Trump after his remarks onstage at the Israeli History Museum. Observe:

Bibi waits for his prey:

1. Trump, not knowing the Hammer is coming, prepares for a typical handshake:

2. That handshake is turned into a strong elbow pat by Bibi:

3. Trump follows suit, raising the stakes with a pat on the back:

4. That pat moves up the Prime Minister’s shoulder:

5. Trump then leans in for the “Close Talk,” a classic Trump move:

6. Then Bibi goes for it, initiating the wrist twist that forms the Hebrew Hammer.

7. Perfect execution:

8. Trump, not to be outdone, pulls Bibi’s fist into his chest:

9. And gets in there for a close talk once more. Wow:

10. Bibi releases the Hebrew Hammer with a conciliatory pat on the back:

11. Upon leaving, the two trade back pats, a voluntary move not essential to the Hammer:

All-in-all, a very impressive performance by both men. Please watch the entire Hammer happen, full-speed below:



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