Trey Gowdy Could Be Replacing Paul Ryan As The New House Speaker!

Paul Ryan Is About To Get Replaced... Do You Want Gowdy To Take His Place!


After there was not enough support for the healthcare bill to be able to pass, it seems now that Paul Ryan may be resigning his position of Speaker of the House.

President Donald Trump has been silent recently about the revelations of the unsuccessful bill, but his administration has left an answer to Paul Ryan:

‘This is one more example of the staff not working suitably for the president and the faulty speakership of Ryan. Speaker Ryan showed today that he does not have the best intentions of the President at heart. He sold out the President and proved that his word can be taken with a grain of salt. There is only one thing left to do that ought to be taken to move beyond this catastrophe and that is the quick replacement of Paul Ryan from the speakership‘

President Trump is not able to just fire Paul Ryan from his position, as the removal of Speaker of the House has to be voted upon.

But if President Trump could gather enough support for the person who will allegedly replace Ryan, he might have a shot.

This is where Trey Gowdy steps in as a brilliant candidate for replacing Paul Ryan. Gowdy is already familiar with the insights of the house, and he is prepared to support and follow President Donald Trump.

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