What Melania Trump Did Today Will Melt Your Heart! (PHOTOS)

This is what a real First Lady looks like.


Melania Trump showed the world today that she isn’t your average first lady. What she did today will melt your heart.

The Democrats and media have tried to tear her down but she remains calm and resolute as always and carries on.

But what she did today was beyond her normal actions.

Melania Trump went today to the opening of the Bunny Mellon Healing Garden that was recently constructed at the Children’s National Hospital.

The garden will serve as a space to make it easier for children to get fresh air during their recovery.

The inspiration for the garden came from the dying wish of a child to be able to go outside.

What was once a gravel covered rooftop is now a beautiful garden.

Now after a generous donation of $5 million from Bunny Mellon, the late philanthropist, there is a beautiful space for these children to recover and get fresh air.

The garden is also dedicated to the First Ladies of the United States and all of the living ones have agreed to serve as chairs for the garden and to maintain it.

Melania Trump had to make sure that she was there to celebrate with the kids that were going to be using the garden and that’s exactly what she did.

Melania spent the day coloring and playing with the kids in the garden.

Via AP:

WASHINGTON (AP) — Kids being treated at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington now have a new way to forget about their troubles. They get to go outside.

A new healing garden at the hospital opens Friday. It was inspired by a patient whose dying wish was to go outside. The hospital was able to grant that wish and then committed to making it easier for patients to get fresh air.

Melania Trump could have easily left after the ribbon cutting because of her busy schedule but she stayed instead and spent time with the wonderful children that were recovering at the hospital.


Insert photos: Fox News Twitter account


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