SHOCK VIDEO: Trump Protester Sets Supporter’s Hair on Fire

Trump Protester Sets Supporter’s


Can you imagine a Trump supporter ever setting a Hillary Clinton fan or Bernie Sanders voter’s hair on fire? Can you imagine the media outrage?

It’s difficult to fathom such a thing because conservatives aren’t prone to violence at their rallies. But anti-Trump protesters certainly are. So when do you think the media coverage of the following incident will begin?

In a relatively peaceful atmosphere involving dueling groups – a group of Trump supporters, and a group of Trump haters – members of both sides debated the merits of their views.

Then, an anti-Trump protester who moments earlier had been chanting “love Trumps hate” decided to set a woman’s hair on fire while she was showing off her Trump hat.

No seriously, they literally set her hair on fire.

Watch the video below – there is no doubt the act was done intentionally and maliciously…


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