Secret Service Agent Who Refused to Take a Bullet for President Trump Under Investigation


Earlier this week, we at The Political Insider reported on a rogue Secret Service agent who took to Facebook and admitted she would not take a bullet for President Donald J. Trump.

The woman, identified as Special Agent Kerry O’Grady, was rightly criticized across the country, including by her fellow agents, because as we all know, the Secret Service must protect the president regardless of their personal feelings towards the individual in the White House.

Well, we have now learned that O’Grady is under investigation for her comments, as her public criticism for President Trump and vocal support for Hillary Clinton may have violated “a provision of the Hatch Act which bans most federal employees from engaging in political activity.”

Here is a copy of O’Grady’s now deleted Facebook post courtesy of The Washington Examiner:

In an interview with The New York Times, the Secret Service acknowledged they were aware of the post and were taking “quick and appropriate action” to determine what punishment, if any, O’Grady should receive.




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