This 6-year old boy got the time of his life when he met Donald Trump today. Here’s why. This little boy is somebody special. How special? You’ll see after watching the video below.

Try not to cry after watching the video below.

His name is Christian Jacobs and he just met the President. Here is Christian 2 years ago before he met the President.

Hard not to cry watching that right?

This little boy is the son of Marine Sgt. Christopher James Jacobs. In 2015, little Christian Jacobs, when he was 4-years-old he said, “I hope for you to come back soon, Daddy. And I love you and hope for you to be here.”

Here is Trump with Christian today. This is how you know that Trump cares.

That was young Christian back then. Today, Trump and Mike Pence spent their Memorial day remembering the soldiers that have fallen for this country. Here is the video of this powerful moment below via Fox News.

Trump and Christian gave each other high-fives.

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The mainstream media isn’t even reporting on this. It’s sad how biased they are huh?



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