Sean Hannity Accuser Just Changed Her Story! Hannity Put The Fear Of God Into Her!


Earlier this week blogger Debbie Schlussel went on The Blaze and made claims that Sean Hannity sexually harassed her.

Of course she didn’t provide any evidence and now after Hannity made a very strong and threatening statement in response to these accusations as he should have, now Schlussel seems to be changing her story.

Hannity denied these accusations and said that he had retained some of the best and toughest lawyers in the country that were already laying out a legal course of action to destroy these accusations for good.

Liars always crumble under pressure.

Debbie Schlussel now has come out saying that she was not sexually harassed by Sean Hannity.

Leave it to people trying to prey on Fox News days after O’Reilly was fired, hoping for a payday.

Too bad Sean Hannity is too smart and called Schlussel’s bluff. She should still be sued for slander.

Her actions are completely uncalled for and she should not be allowed to do this again to anyone else.

Thankfully Hannity never crumbled under pressure and instead called her bluff and stopped her before she was able to spread the lie any further.


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