Right After Threatening TO PIMP MELANIA, Bow Wow Got The Worst News Of His Life!

JUSTICE IS SERVED! Lil' Bow Wow is not getting away with what he threatened to do to Melania! Let's get 3 million shares to show that Trump won't put up with this!


What rapper Lil’ Bow Wow tweeted about Meliana is not only SICK and DISGUSTING, it is CRIMINAL! (see tweet below)

He, just like every other celebrity who threatens Trump and his family, probably thought “Oh, I’m a celebrity.  I can do whatever I want and just get away with it.”


Now the most powerful police force in the world is after him…THE SECRET SERVICE!

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Here’s what Bow Wow tweeted:

Bow Wow’s tweet was in response to Trump’s tweet slamming Snoop Dogg for pretending to assassinate him during a music video.

I don’t care WHO YOU ARE, you cannot threaten to physically harm someone. You cannot threaten to kill the President, pimp his wife, or commit TREASON! You are not above the law just because you’re famous!

Let’s all send prayers for President Trump’s Secret Service to swiftly deal with this situation, and any situation in which these crazed celebrities threaten Trump and his family!


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