Obama Hid “Secret Details” Of Iran Deal, Put Every Single American At Risk!


The Obama administration spent eight years lying to the American people and engaging in anti-American policies. Obama cared more about pleasing our enemies than our own safety.

The Iran deal was a bad idea from the start, but Obama and his team of spinsters hid some dangerous facts. During the controversial “prisoner swap” and nuclear deal, Obama lied, claiming the seven men he freed were “civilians” or simply “sanction violators,” but Obama’s own Justice Department accused and prosecuted these seven men of posing serious threats to national security. (via Politico)

Patriots, this news is coming from the mainstream media. The same media that defended Obama for eight years and after. Even the mainstream media is going after Obama. This is huge.

Three of these terrorists engaged in illegal procurement of U.S. technology required for surface-to-air missiles; the same technology recently used by Tehran in a missile test that enraged the Trump administration. Another terrorist was serving an eight-year prison sentence for conspiring to supply Iran with satellite technology. Patriots, this is terrible. Obama enabled our worst enemy to produce nuclear weapons with advanced technology.

Additionally, as part of this terrible Iran deal, the Justice Department dropped charges against 14 other fugitives. Three of these terrorists were attempting to lease a Boeing aircraft for an Iranian airline connected with Hezbollah, a terrorist organization. Fourteen fugitives? What did we get in return for such a ridiculous offer?

The fifth freed terrorist was charged with smuggling dangerous communication technology to Iran. This man was also apart of a smuggling network that brought components used for IIEDs into the Middle East; the same technology that killed our fellow patriots during the Iraq war.

The worst terrorist, Seyed Abolfazl Shahab Jamili, was also freed by Obama. He was involved in a long term conspiracy to obtain thousands of components with nuclear applications for Iran. The nuclear technology consisted of American-made sensors designed for uranium enrichment centrifuges–the same technology that prompted this ridiculous nuclear deal. This is proof that the Obama administration was truly anti-American.

Patriots, American soldiers were killed because of these men, and Obama just lets them free. Obama freed these men for nuclear deal that has put us at serious risk. Wow!

The Obama administration has proven time and time again that they ruined for our country. We need to hold them accountable for their actions.

We need to hold the Left responsible for this nonsense. The Left has put our entire country at risk, and Obama still walks free. There is no defending these lies. Even the mainstream media is reporting on this story. This may be the final nail in Obama’s coffin. What will his legacy be?

The establishment and the Left will try to spin this story, but this is the worst lie Obama has spread. He knowingly put our entire country in danger. We need to hold this man accountable. Thank goodness we have Donald Trump to clean up Obama’s mess and expose the truth.


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