NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Is Going To Jail Because Of Corruption!


Bad days for democrats are continuing! Not just losing to Trump and losing dozen of senate and representative seats, they are continuing to lose battles and to create scandals and PR problems.

Now their biggest star, and biggest Trump enemy is going in jail! GREAT NEWS!

Federal investigators interrogated New York City mayor Bill de Blasio for nearly five hours on Friday over his alleged involvement in a corruption scandal. The investigation into the matter has been ongoing for nearly a year. According to CNN, de Blasio and his staff are “under scrutiny for issues related to fundraising for his 2013 campaign.”

That probe is centered around accusations by the New York State Board of Elections that members of the de Blasio administration skirted campaign finance laws in donations directed towards state senate campaigns in a 2014 election.

The New York Times reported in December that two separate grand juries had begun hearing testimony in both the federal and state cases. An interview between the mayor and prosecutors could indicate that the probes are coming to a head.

The Democratic mayor, who faces re-election this year, did not speak to reporters when he left the law offices of his attorney Friday afternoon. Those seen entering the building before the meeting included Andrew Goldstein, the head of U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s public corruption unit, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Russell Capone.

Democrats are all the same, they are acting as they are morally superior but they are crooked to the bone! And everybody knows that!

Trump do not need money, he is working for American people, he is very rich he doesn’t need money from donors or other corruption activities!

That is his biggest asset! He is strongest there, so he can create independent policies, he can have great radical political program that others could not allow to have!

Trump is going to produce great results, he is going to be our best president ever! He is America’s gift from god!




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