New Poll Reveals Shocking Information About Trump. This Explains Everything!

Trump's becoming more popular in spite of it all!


With the media determined to take him down and liberals manufacturing scandals every other day, President Donald Trump has been engaged in an uphill battle. Now, one new poll has revealed that he is becoming more popular in spite of it all.

On Tuesday, a USA Today/Suffolk University polls revealed that 47 percent of Americans say they approve of Mr. Trump’s performance, while 44 percent do not. The survey was conducted last week, in the days following his impressive address to Congress. It gives him very high marks when it comes to his leadership skills.

Trump’s biggest challenge is his temperament, which 60 percent of Americans say they disapprove of. They are particularly unhappy with his use of social media. But many could argue his frustration with the ongoing bias would frustrate anybody in his position.

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Despite this, 46 percent of Americans now believe America is moving in the right direction now that Trump is president. And 52 percent are confident the economy is recovering—an extraordinarily high number to see.

Even the hypercritical Quinnipiac University poll shows Trump improving since the last poll, which was taken in mid-February.

What do you think? Does Trump have what it takes to change the minds of his doubters?


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