New Bill Introduced To Force All Employers To Check For Citizenship!


New bill introduced that will force all employers in America to have to use E-Verify to check the legal status of their employees.

This is an addition to all those papers we sign before we start on work. The Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley was the first to introduce the new bill. In addition, those who fail the check, will have to be terminated.

The chairman of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary introduced the E-verification act before, but now with Donald Trump as President, the bill has great chances on passing.

Grassley released a statement Tuesday, “Businesses across the country have opted to use the E-Verify system to help comply with our immigration laws.”

“E-Verify is a proven tool for employers, including myself, that helps reduce incentives for illegal immigration and safeguards job opportunities for Americans and other legal workers. Expanding the system to every workplace will improve accountability for all businesses and take an important step toward putting American workers first.”

Grassley’s bill allows employers to check legal status of potential hires too. This bill matches Donald’s opinion, when he said, buy and hire American.

Daily Caller reports that the bill requires employers to terminate any employee who fails to meet legal status requirements, and forces employers to check legal status for all employees every three years.
Grassley’s bill also punishes those who hire illegals with up to $25,000. So it all gets simple, hire American or pay penalty.

Nearly 700,000 businesses currently use E-Verify, which is free for employers. And it is expected to expand to every bussines if the bill passes.

Of course, everyone deserves to have a job, but first we need to hire the Americans. Why someone who is not part of this country to take a job, instead of someone born in this country?


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