Nancy Pelosi May be forced to RESIGN over intern SEX SCANDAL


Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is in a PICKLE and may need to STEP DOWN amid a scandal nobody SAW coming. A small group of interns working for her asked if they could throw a birthday party in her office after hours that ended being a wild ride of sex and drugs.

Pelosi may have been able to claim IGNORANCE if her office wasn’t wired with a live security feed she can watch from any wi-fi device. According to an aide who gave a deposition on the incident , Pelosi spent a good amount of the night watching and laughing and recorded the whole thing .

It’s not secret that Liberals are MORALLY BANKRUPT , but according to reports from Washington Examiner , the party was little more than a Roman toga-themed orgy in a taxpayer-funded office where DRUGS were used liberally and almost everyone ended up with their TOGA on the floor .

Disgusting use of resources paid for by the people . All of the interns have been fired and now Pelosi faces the wrath of Trey Gowdy’s newly formed ETHICS COMMITTEE .


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