Melania Trump Absolutely Destroys Michelle Obama Once And For All


Just months into her time as First Lady, Melania Trump is already showing up Michelle Obama. She is the picture of class, a dedicated mother, and a true Christian. She proved that when she cited the Lord’s Prayer at the opening of a Trump rally in Florida.

Though she also enjoys a lavish lifestyle, Melania has decided not to waste taxpayer dollars fueling jet-setting vacations. Instead, the First Family will be funding their own personal vacations. That’s a stark difference from Michelle, who was dubbed the ‘Vacationer-in-Chief.’

Melania has also opted to keep her personal staff to a minimum, hiring only essential staffers to help her fulfill her duties as First Lady.

“I think that Melania’s going to be outstanding,” President Trump said of his wife.

This is just one of several generous acts we’ve seen from the Trump family. Trump has decided to forego his $400,000/year salary—saving hardworking Americans tons of money.


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