Look What Supporters Noticed Right When Donald And Melania Returned To The States

Are you tired of liberals attacking the Trump family?


On Saturday, President Donald Trump arrived back in the United States after his first foreign trip as president.

When he landed in Washington D.C. with Melania, his supporters noticed something that had the cheering in support.

The presidential couple held hands as they walked off Air Force One—a victorious gesture and symbol in the face of all of the liberals who claim their marriage is on the rocks.

For the past week, two pieces of footage appearing to show Melania refusing to hold her husband’s hand have gone viral.

Of course, these clips are taken completely out of context to be used as a tool to shine an evil light on Trump.

Once again, he is getting the last word and calling out the “fake news.”

Do you support Donald and Melania Trump? Are you tired of liberals attacking the Trump family?


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