LIVE POLL: Trump halts entry of citizens from Muslim states! Do you agree?

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The president issued a far-reaching executive order that could also lead to headaches for Americans traveling abroad.

President Donald Trump on Friday issued a far-reaching executive order that temporarily halts the admission of new refugees into the United States, imposes an indefinite ban on the entry of refugees from Syria, and suspends the entry of citizens of several Muslim-majority countries.

Trump also ordered a cut in the number of refugees allowed into the United States to 50,000 this fiscal year, down from 110,000. He further instructs officials to give preference to religious minorities among the refugees it does accept and includes language intended to give state and local governments more say over whether they will allow refugees to settle in their areas.

Trump and his team insist the order is necessary to protect U.S. citizens from what the president called “radical Islamic terrorists.”

“We don’t want ‘em here,” Trump said during a visit to the Pentagon, where he signed the order.

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  1. I cannot believe so many said NO to the question about Muslim ban. Its crazy when all you have to do is look at Eurostan and the United Muslim Kingdom, or hey just look around the country where muslims are in the U.S. wanting Sharia law in place of the Constitution. I guess its just me that believes in the Constitution and not the other for of muslim law.
    Trump halts entry of citizens from Muslim states! Do you Agree? 62 percent said NO, where are these people living and where is this cave located maybe we can seal the entrance.


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