KNOCK-OUT PUNCH! Newt DESTROYS Crooked Liberal Media! “Why not investigate Dem’s relationships with Russia?”


When Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and Sean Hannity get together the Crooked Liberal Media and lying left are always in for a tongue lashing.

This week was no different. This week they discussed the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation should look into the Clintons’ Russian connections “at least as aggressively” as it does Trump’s.


Newt Gingrich (from transcript):

I think first of all this is an attack media not a news media. This is a group of people who get up in the morning and know that Trump has done something horrible, they’re just not sure what it is yet. Anything which could hurt Trump gets exaggerated and it becomes “somebody talk to somebody, who might someday know something.” If you look at the number of New York Times and Washington Post article of that begin with unnamed sources told us and I thought Trump one day had a great line, he said I challenge you to only print the ones that have named sources, they’ll all dry up.

Here’s the video of Sean and Newt…

“I want to see the former campaign chairman’s (John Podesta) brother, who is a registered agent for a Russian bank. I want to see Bill Clinton’s $500,000 speech payed by a Russian bank (while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State), I want to see the Uranium One deal!”

Watch video:


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