KAPOW! Liberal Media ATTACKS Trump’s Trip, Tucker BLASTS them out of the water! OUCH!


“So What Have We Learned?” Tucker Carlson Reviews Media Coverage of President Trump’s First Trip abroad.

President Trump accomplished more during his nine day trip abroad than Barack Hussein Obama accomplished in eight years as president. Plus, he did not make any apologies or bow down to anyone like a subservient little weakling. However, if you watch any of the major news outlets, other than FOX News, you may not know these facts because the Crooked Liberal Media is just that, crooked.


In one of his best monologues ever, Tucker Carlson blasted the “swallow and dumb” Crooked Liberal Media reporters. In Tucker’s opinion, these liberal mainstream media outlets have zero credibility left. We agree 100%.

In this short clip, Tucker highlights what President Trump really accomplished them points out what the Crooked Liberal Media published instead. Depending on your mood, this will make you laugh or make you sick.

In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, President Trump announced a one hundred billion dollar arms deal and told 50 of the world’s most powerful Muslims that they must “drive out” radical Islam from their mosques and their countries.

In Israel, President Trump politely pressured the Israeli prime minister to restart peace efforts with the Palestinians.

In Brussels, he told NATO leaders that the time has come for them to pay more for their own defense rather than relying on US taxpayers to protect them.


The Crooked Liberal Media refused to cover the historic acheivements very much. Instead they chose to report on the Egyptian presidents shoes, Trump’s marriage, Trump “pushing” someone, veils and headscarves.

** Are you fed up with all the “entitled” liberals and lying Democrats attacking the President of the United States while think they, themselves, are above the law?

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