Judge Jeanine Absolutely Destroys Liz Warren Forever… She’s Done


After this past election, Democrats are scrambling to find an eligible (and relatable) candidate for 2020.

It’s remarkable that they invested so much in Hillary Clinton running for reelection that they didn’t even think this through.

Now, some people in the Democratic establishment have been pushing for Massachusetts Senator

Elizabeth Warren to run. Of course, this would likely be political suicide. Warren has made many extreme remarks; and Judge Jeanine Pirro can see right through her.

In an ultimate act of disrespect, Senator Warren nicknamed Donald Trump “Pocahontas.” She also made several ridiculous claims during Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearing, including that he “embrace right-wing, pro-corporate views.”

Pirro appeared on The O’Reilly Factor recently and criticized Warren for not being able to back up any of her claims.

“She talks about his record and how he’s not in the mainstream,” Pirro commented. “And yet, she doesn’t identify anything in his record.”

“Here’s a woman in a canoe paddling upstream without a paddle,” Pirro added. “She has no facts behind her argument.”


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