It’s All Over For Shep Smith


Fox News host Shep Smith drove network viewers even farther away this week when he bashed President Trump for attacking his own “watered down” travel order.

Smith started the segment by questioning why Trump signed the second travel ban if he didn’t like it. The president “signed this order that he now calls watered down. He signed it.” Smith also argued that Trump “may have undermined his own legal defense”—which focuses on whether or not the order banning travelers discriminates against Muslims.

Smith then interview White House correspondent John Robert, who noted that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had initially denied that the first order was a ‘ban.’

“Now the White House is saying ‘the president says it’s a travel ban, so it’s a travel ban,’” Roberts commented.
Almost instantly, conservatives took to Twitter to criticize Smith for his biased reporting.

“Shep Smith has lost all his credibility with his constant anti Trump spin,” Richard Marcin commented. “He is a hater not a reporter. I change stations.”

Others shared a similar sentiment.

Watch video below:



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