Hillary Clinton Breaks Down In Tears After She Got This Message From President Trump!

This is Awesome!


It would seem that Hillary Clinton has had enough. After 30 years of investigations nobody has been able to prove because she’s seemingly the smartest, most able criminal of all time, Clinton has reached the end of her rope.

After what she probably thought was going to be a reprieve when the mainstream media falsely reported that the Trump administration wouldn’t pursue charges against her, Clinton reportedly dropped to her knees and started crying when a messenger from Trump Tower hand-delivered a note from The President she wasn’t prepared for. According to the messenger, who told CNBC she wishes to remain anonymous, the note said:


Don’t let the press fool you. You have taken far too much from the American people and I’ve been assured by the incoming Attorney General as well as ranking members of congress that you’ll spend most of 2017 behind bars. Shame on you for trying to deceive the American people.



Some are saying that Trump instructed the note to be leaked so his supporters would know that he isn’t going back on his promise to jail people who oppose him with propaganda and lies. That makes Hillary Clinton public enemy number one.

The messenger, who said she personally watched Hillary crumble into a lump of blubbering tears, wasn’t impressed:

“Even that seemed like an act. I don’t think that woman has an honest bone in her body.”

Neither do we.


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