Hannity’s Trouble Just Escalated, It’s War Now


Atruly sad side effect of beloved former host Bill O’Reilly’s controversial dismissal from Fox News is that now many predatory lawyers are sensing blood in the water and, in opportunistic fashion, are now trying to go after other popular hosts.

After O’Reilly, the next most popular and prominent host was, of course, Sean Hannity. Now that O’Reilly is gone, Hannity finds himself in the hot seat and a target of fresh, personally damaging accusations. A personal with an agenda against Hannity recently resurfaced to escalate these attacks against Hannity.

Woman named Debbie Schlussel with an old axe to grind against Hannity gave an interview with radio host and said about Hannity, “This kind of stuff is all over the place at Fox News and anything that has to do with Sean Hannity,” said Schlussel.”

Schlussel later added about Sean on her Twitter account, “If #FOXNews were really serious about dumping harassers, Sean Hannity and Ailes Pimps Bill Shine and Margaret Scott would be gone #gop #MAGA“. Thankfully, Hannity quickly and forcefully shot back, saying, “LET ME BE CLEAR THE COMMENTS ABOUT ME ON A RADIO SHOW THIS WEEK by this individual ARE 100% false and a complete fabrication.”

He added, “This individual is a serial harasser who has been lying about me for well over a decade. The individual has a history of making provably false statements against me in an effort to slander, smear and besmirch my reputation.” He added, “The individual has not just slandered me over the years but many people who this individual disagrees with. This individual desperately seeks attention by any means necessary, including making unfounded personal attacks and using indefensible and outrageous political rhetoric. My patience with this individual is over. I have retained a team of some of the finest and toughest lawyers in the country who are now in the process of laying out the legal course of action we will be taking against this individual.”


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