Gorka Slams Travel Ban Blocking Judge The Worst News Of His Career – Justice

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To assemble his team in the White House, President Donald Trump went beyond the usual coats of Washington. For his deputy assistant, he selected Dr. Sebastian Gorka, Ph.D., one of the world’s leading foreign policy experts—particularly when it comes to the threat of radical Islamic terrorists. So you can imagine how furious he was when liberal federal court Judge Derrick Watson struck down Trump’s revised travel ban.

Now, he’s just delivered Watson some very bad news.

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“It’s very simple,” Gorka said on Breitbart News Daily. “There is absolutely no way on God’s earth that they can make that case, that this is something to do with xenophobia or a religious group.”

“There is not one instance on the campaign trail or after the president took office in which the travel suspension was mentioned without reference to national security,” Gorka continued. “It was never mentioned that we’re doing this because of a certain religious group. In every single instance, every single campaign, every statement out of the White House after January 20, this measure was linked to the security of the United States.”

“National security is the prerogative of the commander-in-chief, and immigration—including immigration standards and the issuance of visas—is not a local, is not a federal, is not a judicial function,” he concluded. “It is a function of the White House and the executive arm. This attempt to block a national security executive order will fail.”

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