Ex-Terrorist That Organized Women’s March Just Got The Worst News Of Her Life!


President Trump has made it one of his top priorities to make sure that terrorists aren’t able to get into the country and that our intelligence community is making sure we find the ones that already made it into the United States under Obama’s weak borders.

The Women’s March in DC while on the surface seemed like a peaceful march of many woman coming together to show their strength and fight for equality, was undermined by the motives of those that organized it.

Thousands of women were led into the motives of protesting on behalf of people that believe in Sharia Law, like Linda Sarsour who was praised by Obama, or have committed multiple terror attacks abroad.

Thanks to President Trump putting anti-terrorism on US soil as one of his priorities Rasmea Odeh, one of the organizers of the Women’s March and A Day Without Women, was discovered to have committed two acts of terror in Israel.

Odeh will be stripped of her US citizenship and deported immediately.

This is a huge win against fighting domestic terrorism, but the fact that she was able to become a US citizen before she was discovered goes to show how lax Obama was on fighting domestic terrorism.

But according to the New York Post, Odeh was convicted for her participation in two different terror attacks in Israel. One on a supermarket in 1969 that killed two students.

Thankfully she was discovered and no longer will be able to push her horrible beliefs and plots on Americans any more.

Thanks to President Trump putting anti-terrorism as a priority, authorities were able to discover her before she was able to do anything that harmed anyone.

If you have committed an act of terror anywhere, you are not welcome in the United States!

Share this everywhere to show that terrorists don’t stand a chance under President Trump!


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