Democrats Worry That If They Protest Trump Too Much People Will Tune Them Out


Trump has only been president for a short time but the left has already turned up the outrage protest meter to ten on an almost daily basis.

Democrat leaders are starting to worry that the public will begin ignoring them. It’s probably already too late, though.

Politico reports:

The Democrats face up to their Trump problem

Democrats don’t know how long they’ll be able to keep up the pace of protests against President Donald Trump — and they’re worried Trump and his team are counting on them to run out of energy before the White House does.

Two weeks into the Trump administration, party leaders have already reached a frantic, fevered pitch, throwing around talk of constitutional crisis and raising the specter of impeachment.

“The thing that we don’t want to do is anesthetize the public with dozens and dozens of press conferences and marquee events,” said Seattle Mayor Ed Murray. “Then it’ll just become background noise. I’m worried that’s exactly what they’re trying to maneuver us into doing.”

Democrats should have been thinking about this two weeks ago. The public is already tuning out their daily antics and protests.

When everything is an outrage, nothing is an outrage.

The left has already overplayed its hand.


  1. Too late, fools. You’ve already alienated millions of people. Even folks who were on the fence have, because of your lunacy, fallen on the Trump side. Keep it up and you’ll find out what an extinct political party looks like. You’re well on your way.

  2. They need to leave Fox News people alone . Sean u need to keep on fighting to what is right never go down without knowing u did all u could do for the American people. So please stop at nothing .

  3. That happened months ago, democrats / lefts cannot be trusted, nor respected, as they continuously spread gossip lies and deception. It’s time they show the American people they are for us, not against us.

  4. Hey Schumer… We the People have never tuned in … the left is irrelevant, sad, sore losers, but losers nonetheless. Losers who are trying to bully their way back, hoping to shove the bone fide WINNER off the throne. Tsk, tsk, tsk … bad sportsmanship! Every day, another tantrum, a new lie, target, another Russiangate … try, try, try … please stop embarrassing yourselves. WE DON’T CARE! We the People are growing in numbers and gaining more Democrats daily.


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