CORRUPTION: Mexican Drug Cartel Lawyer Donated to HILLARY

You better believe that the drug cartels want open borders!


A big-time lawyer that has represented Mexican Cartel members donated money to Crooked Hillary in 2016…

The Daily Caller reported:

Attorney Roberto Yzaguirre, who has represented many Gulf Cartel bosses, has donated $2,000 to Hillary Clinton’s election efforts.

When Mexican drug lord Juan García Abrego was extradited to America, Yzaguirre was his lawyer. Abrego was the boss of the Gulf cartel until he was arrested in 1996.

In a 1996 Texas Monthly article, the magazine writes, “The San Antonio lawyer started out defending friends who had been busted for smoking pot.

Twenty-five years later, his clients are big-time dope dealers and international cocaine kingpins — and he believes he’s saving the world.”

According to OpenSecrets, Yzaguirre has given Clinton two payments of $1,000. His first campaign contribution was in 2005 and his second one was in 2007.

Around the time Yzaguirre was funding Clinton, he picked up another client with ties to the drug trade. This time it was Osiel Cardenas Guillen, another former head of the Gulf Cartel.

According to The McAllen Monitor, Guillen was arrested in 2000 in Mexico and was extradited to the U.S. in 2007. Guillen was represented by Yzaguirre.


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