CONFIRMED: Hillary Clinton’s Health Was Bad Way Before She Fainted! See Leaked Emails That Prove How Sick She Is!


Hillary Clinton’s health was brought into the spotlight when she fainted on September 11 while leaving the memorial event last year.

Of course her and her team tried to cover it up as Pneumonia that she had been diagnosed with days before, but if that was the case, she would have openly just admitted to being sick and there wouldn’t be any scandal.

But no, instead they give a weak excuse for her fainting, and then she takes weeks off of the campaign trail from allowing the press on her plane.

But now thanks to Judicial Watch, we have email evidence from top Clinton aides from all the way back in 2010.

It appears that new emails from Hillary Clinton’s top aide Huma Abedin have her discussing not only Hillary Clinton’s poor health back in 2010 but Hillary Clinton’s funeral plans.

It appears that Hillary Clinton’s health was so bad that they were making sure that her funeral plans were arranged.

In an email exchange between Huma Abedin and Capricia Marshall, the chief of protocol for the Clinton-run State Department Hillary Clinton’s funeral plans were being discussed.

Via NY Post:

“Planning is necessary and best done when they are still with us,” she wrote to top Clinton aide Abedin.

“As well, Huma, I would make the same suggestion to you — for her it will be a little different … And once affirmed it will be very hard for someone to deny the type of ceremony she wanted — as well I understand that the President can request certain arrangements for her that she/her rep cannot (ie if you want the motorcade to go through DC — stop somewhere),” Marshall wrote in one email.

She told the aides she needed to contact the military to prepare for the funerals — “as Protocol has a lot to do with planning, notification etc.”

Why else would they be worried about this unless they thought that she wasn’t healthy?

Hillary Clinton was never healthy to begin the election and this proves it!

Share this everywhere before Hillary tries to delete it forever!


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