CNN Chris Cumbo Erupts In The Middle Of The Show At Sean Duffy ‘TRUMP IS GUILTY UNTIL…’


For the past few months, CNN has been desperately trying to ‘prove’ collusion between President Trump’s campaign and Russia.

Not even a complete lack of evidence has stopped CNN from moving forward with this ridiculous narrative.

In a recent interview, Chris Cuomo tried to claim that there is no evidence President Trump didn’t collude with Russia.

“First of all, I would hope you have the same perspective on so many members of your party who say there’s no evidence of collusion,” Cuomo said in an interview with GOP Rep Sean Duffy. “Because we both know, as attorneys, it is naïve at best to suggest we could know.”

“We don’t know what the FBI has or what they don’t have now in the hands of Bob Mueller,” he continued. “And to suggest that this relatively early in an investigation for the FBI—they often look at things for years—that they should know or they should have told people what they have and the proof should be out there, that’s equally deceptive, don’t you think?”

“What I think is happening is there is a conversation about collusion, and my point is there’s no evidence of collusion,” Duffy said.

“But you can’t know whether there was or not. That’s my point,” Cuomo continued. “How do you know there was none? How do you know there was? You can’t know. You don’t know the proof.”

That doesn’t sound like ‘innocent until proven guilty to us.’


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