CNN Calls Out DEMOCRAT for Spreading FAKE NEWS! (VIDEO)


CNN calling out Democrats for spreading fake news? Things sure are continuing to look bad for Democrats nationwide…

NTK Network reported:

Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) falsely claimed on CNN Friday that House Republicans were drinking “pallets and pallets of Bud Light beer” following the passage of the American Health Care Act (AHCA). Anchor John Berman called him out on the lie.

“What I really found highly offensive is, you know, they all celebrated last night,” McAuliffe said. “I read a story they were bringing in pallets and pallets of Bud Light beer that they tried to hide.”

“I think that ended up being not true,” Berman said.

McAuliffe stuck by his story nonetheless, responding, “Well, I think they did a lot of celebrating last night, John.”

Some reported that Republicans had beer delivered to the Capitol, and the left-wing media ran with the story.

Democrats always have to rely on corruption and lying to achieve anything and unfortunately for them, their world is now collapsing!

(Image: Screenshot)


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