Chelsea Clinton Runs Her Big Mouth, Instantly Regrets It


Ever since her mother lost the presidential election, Chelsea Clinton has been stepping into the political arena. But all she seems to be proving so far is that she is doesn’t quite know when to quit.

Earlier this week, Chelsea took to Twitter to express her concerns that some teachers won’t be preaching about man-made climate change. Children might be asked to consider other perspectives. Shocking.

Of course, Twitter users were quick to give Chelsea a piece of their mind and prove just how blinded she is in this situation.

“Science teachers, what can we do to convince you to teach socialist propaganda as science?” one Twitter user responded in jest.

“@ChelseaClinton Ah, so skepticism and doubt are now unscientific. You and your teachers should be embarrassed,” another added.

“Science at its very core sows doubt,” @sarahrstevenson chimed in. “Quit trying to close the case on something we don’t fully understand.”


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