CBS Reporter Tried To Attack Sean Spicer, Immediately Got Destroyed With 3 Facts!


Somehow the Democrats and mainstream media just can’t get the picture. There is no evidence of collusion with Russia and President Trump and the Obama administration surveilled President Trump at Trump Tower.

That doesn’t stop them from trying to attack Sean Spicer every day on these exact topics.

This time it was CBS that was attacking Sean Spicer about Rep. Nunes’ statement saying that it is very likely that President Trump was surveilled by a broad sweeping surveillance of Trump Tower.

This information was then leaked out and Trump staff had their names released from the intelligence report which is illegal, but that never stopped Obama.

The reason that there are so many leaks coming out is because in his last days in office Obama signed a bill that allowed intelligence reports to be distributed extremely widely across all government administrations.

The motive of this was exactly what is happening. Leaks.

This CBS reporter of course couldn’t wrap his head around this and went after Sean Spicer.

Sean Spicer wasn’t intimidated though and immediately destroyed him with the FACTS.

Fact 1: CBS and the mainstream media are focused entirely on trying to pin some lie on President Trump

Fact 2: The Obama administration is to blame for all of the leaks that have happened.

Fact 3: The Obama Administration did this entirely with the intentions of hurting President Trump’s reputation.

But of course the lying media and Democrats can’t believe facts. They are so determined and blinded by the lies that they are preaching that they are starting to believe them.

Thankfully Sean Spicer is smarter than everyone else in the press corps and is able to put them in their place when they try to spread these lies.


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