BREAKING: Three Obama Aides Just Went Into Witness Protection!

Things aren't looking good for Obama!


Three top Obama aides who would have been privy to Oval Office conversations pertaining to the wiretapping of Trump Tower have vanished from their homes and their lives.

According to the US Marshal’s service, they’ve been taken to undisclosed locations awaiting assignment into the witness protection program.

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The US Justice Department, which has been preparing a case against Obama for abuse of power and illegal surveillance, confirmed that three witnesses have been added to the prosecution’s case and have agreed to turn state’s evidence in exchange for immunity.

President Trump, who was able to prove Obama was up to no good after having his DC mansion bugged, hasn’t made a statement about the case.

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The WHOIP has expressed that the president is confident that the truth will prevail and that any further leaks about his connections to Russia have been plugged.


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