BREAKING: Obama WAS Spying On President Trump! Here Is The PROOF!

Here is the PROOF!


Yesterday, March 22, 2017, will go down in history as the day Donald Trump PROVED Obama did spy on him during the election!

According to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes,

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Barack Obama’s administration used blanket surveillance and “unmasking” practices to spy on members of the Trump campaign!
So how did he do it exactly? Well, according to Nunes, Obama DID use a FISA warrant. FISA is a secret court that gives the government the ability to spy on “foreign” people without letting the public know.

They then collected info on foreigners speaking with members of the Trump campaign and “incidentally” collected TONS of information of Donald Trump and his associates.

Now, the Intelligence Community is required to redact the names of Americans caught up in these investigations that are not under suspicion. They did NOT do this for Trump’s associates and then handed the information directly to Obama.

So, while there may have been no LITERAL wiretapping, there was mass surveillance. This is the same CRAP Obama pulled when he was using the NSA to spy on every American. They even claimed then that they “incidentally” collected the information. BS!

We gotta help protect our President from the UNCONSTITUTIONAL practices of that Dictator Obama.

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