BREAKING NEWS: Experts Think Republican Party is Preparing to Impeach Trump and Make Pence President


Some of the worst Republicans in this country are getting a lot of power via Trump’s appointments. That’s why effective resistance is more important than ever…and this article has been going viral in progressive communities because it has some of the best strategies for organizing in Trump’s America. If you consider yourself a progressive and you haven’t already, read it now.

Because the thing is, the media has a lot of odd takes on things, and as Trump begins quashing dissent more, you’ll have to look to independent sources. There has been a lot of stirring about how the Republican party and the media are propping Mike Pence up and trying to make him appear respectable in comparison to Trump. Especially with the Hamilton incident and with Pence attending meetings that Trump refuses to. It’s just plain scary. Read this post by Donna Lynne Arrow on Facebook and see what you think:

In light of Mike Pence’s recent speech regarding Hamilton and the response from both sides as to how “classy” and “Presidential” it was…here is my prediction (and I hope I am very wrong).

Trump will be impeached rather quickly by bi-partisan work behind the scenes. I suspect BOTH parties inside the system are already working together on ways right now to impeach Trump ASAP because the democratic party fears him and the Republican Party can’t control him.

Republicans are letting Trump go rogue now so that he solidifies his persona as an insane buffoon, and unfettered he will do something criminal more quickly out of ignorance. They’re not policing him at all. Where they’re putting their EFFORT right now is into making Pence look like such a superior Presidential option in COMPARISON.

We are watching, right now, the calculated REBRANDING of the man who will spend the MAJORITY of the next four years as our actual president. A man who, if he actually ran as a Presidential candidate, would have NEVER even made it past the primaries because of his established political history.

BUT, because he went to Hamilton and stayed til the end even tho he got booed and then made that nice speech that one time and after more and more of these “wow he’s so classy” events (and they’re coming) the left (and the right) will be RELIEVED to have Pence as President by then, because Pence is obviously “so much better” than Trump.

And he’s not. He’s worse. He’s much MUCH worse.

Do you see what’s happening?

They’re normalizing Pence to the LEFT and the RIGHT so that when he steps up after Tump is impeached – and he will – we, as a country will be lulled into a very false sense of security and maybe even WELCOME him.

The short game of this HAMILTON stunt was to distract from Trump’s scandals but the LONG game is fooling us into thinking Pence is “not so bad”.

I mean…how can a man who said to his kids “that’s what freedom sounds like” when they are roundly booed at a public event be all bad? That’s not a guy who’s gonna actually TAKE AWAY people’s freedom right? Not when he loves it so much.

Look, we all knew Pence would be the one actually governing if Trump won; that’s in no way a revelation. But what I personally didn’t see coming was how we would be manipulated into ACTUALLY WANTING it. And people don’t fight things they think they want, right?

Mark my words, right now we may have a president elected by the system, when we could have had a president elected by the people…..but instead, we will end up with a president ELECTED BY NO ONE and by the time the machine is done with us, they’ll have convinced us we are GRATEFUL for it.

WE MUST NEVER FORGET WHO THIS MAN REALLY IS. Because when the time comes to push back on President Pence, it’s not gonna be the “sane, patriot, freedom for all Grandpa Pence” they’re selling us right now. It’s gonna be the REAL Pence. The one that’s been stripping people of rights for decades and doesn’t believe in evolution.

Whether Trump stays or goes, he is a straw man and the right is using him (and our inevitable reactions to his antics) as an endless diversion. Ignore him.

WATCH Pence.
And be PREPARED for a Pence Presidency.
Because it’s been the plan all along.

And if we’re all shocked at how we could have so vastly misjudged his patriotic character when he starts putting his ESTABLISHED anti-gay, anti-women, anti-immigrant, anti-minority, anti-climate, anti-science, anti-everything agenda into place because we didn’t push back hard or fast enough against such a “nice, classy guy”?

Shame on us.

and dear God I hope I’m wrong.

*at the request of those who have asked to share this post, I have now made it public


  1. “A man who, if he actually ran as a Presidential candidate, would have NEVER even made it past the primaries because of his established political history.”

    They said that of Trump


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