BOOOM! Edward Snowden Just Dropped The Hammer On James Comey! No One Will Trust Comey After This!


Edward Snowden no matter how controversial his leaks have been, does care about letting the American people know what is happening behind the scenes in our government and what he had to say about James Comey’s statement on wiretapping today made Comey look like the worthless FBI director that he is.

James Comey can’t seem to find anything or convict anyone even when all of the evidence is there to do it aka Hillary Clinton.

During his press briefing today Comey took a shot at presumably Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, and any other hackers or people that have released documents showing how corrupt our government has been.

This is what FBI Director Comey had to say about the intelligence leaks:

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But Snowden wasn’t going to sit back and let someone as incompetent as James Comey say something like this about him and responded with this.

Snowden is exactly right. If our government didn’t have so much to hide and wasn’t so scared about whistleblowers like Snowden and WikiLeaks then this wouldn’t be a problem at all.

James Comey is also the head of the FBI that has seen numerous intelligence documents leaked to the press in an attempt to damage President Trump’s reputation.

Comey is playing politics and that means he can’t be trusted.

Share this everywhere to show that if Comey didn’t have something to hide the leaks wouldn’t worry him so much!


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