Bill Maher Turns On Hillary, Tells Her To “Stay In The Woods”


Liberal discontent with Hillary Clinton’s performance is nothing new. However, when it gets bad enough that Bill Maher is criticizing you, maybe it’s time to throw in the towel.

On his Friday show, the “Real Time” host stunned many media watchers when he criticized the former Democrat candidate for her reported desire to run for public office again.

Maher made reference to a speech she made last month in Pennsylvania on St. Patrick’s Day.

“I’m like a lot of my friends right now. I have a hard time watching the news, I’ll confess,” Hillary said, according to The New York Times. “I am ready to come out of the woods and to help shine a light on what is already happening around kitchen tables, at dinners like this.”

By that last part, I’m assuming she didn’t mean she was going to be turning down the role as Cinderella in the Chappaqua Community Theatre’s production of Sondheim’s “Into the Woods.” This intimation and the rumors surrounding another campaign were enough to make Maher apoplectic.

“Hillary, stay in the woods, OK?” Maher said.


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