Another Day, Another Media Attack On Ivanka Trump’s Very Successful Company


The media really does not like Ivanka Trump. Quite possibly they are triggered by the notion of a successful woman who is not a vocal Democrat (or simply the daughter of a Democratic president). It seems that every other week they create a new “scandal” for which to impugn the First Daughter’s reputation. Boycotts of Ms. Trump’s products have become quite fashionable, with liberal activists going so far as to say that all of Amazon should be avoided for selling her wares.

Today’s defamation stems from the popularity of her brand in China. (Two weeks ago, the New York Times wrote about how she is seen as a “goddess” there). Apparently, Ivanka (or Yi Wan Ka, as she is lovingly called in the Middle Kingdom) had three trademarks approved in China. Considering she is a businesswoman with global dealings, this shouldn’t be such big news. But since they were approved on the same day she attended a state dinner with President Xi and his entourage at Mar-a-Lago, the liberal media is up in arms.

This shouldn’t even be a surprise anymore. The fact that Ivanka Trump has a successful business does not sit well with those on the left side of the aisle. They would prefer all stores stopped selling her line. But as long as real Americans recognize the quality of her products and buy them, she will continue to succeed far more than any second-rate journalist could ever dream of.

You just know that if Chelsea Clinton were in the same situation, the hive-minded media would rush in a single horde to buy every item in stock.


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