After Maddow Released Trump’s Tax Returns, Everyone Noticed 1 Thing That Proves How She Got Them

Rachel Maddow wants this deleted!


Rachel Maddow had the world watching last night as she made a fool of herself on National TV! She explained that Trump’s 2005 tax returns were “found” in the mailbox of financial reporter, David K. Johnston.

Millions of liberals watched, hoping to see Trump EXPOSED for not paying taxes. Instead, the documents proved Trump makes a lot of money AND pays a lot of taxes. In 2005, he made $150 million and paid $38 million in taxes. (Video Below)

BUT HERE’S THE BEST PART! If you look closely at the document, you’ll see that it is a “Client Copy” and it is unsigned. The ONLY person who could’ve released this was Trump himself. TRUMP JUST PLAYED MADDOW FOR A FOOL!

AND WHY WOULD TRUMP DO THIS? Trump got this document to the financial reporter’s mailbox, knowing the liberal media would run with it! By reporting on it, Maddow proved herself and every liberal wrong who claimed Trump hasn’t been paying taxes! Trump supporters celebrated last night as it became increasingly obvious that he had outsmarted the mainstream media once again!

Donald Trump Jr. even mockingly thanked Maddow after her “report.” HAHAHA!

SOURCE: Twitter

Either Trump or his team leaked it knowing liberals would report on it, OR liberals are so dumb they didn’t realize that reporting on it proves them all wrong.

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Now of course we can’t PROVE this 100% but think about it… How and why would this CLIENT COPY of Trump’s tax returns end up in this obscure reporter’s mailbox.

Most people on Twitter last night seem to agree that Maddow got PLAYED for a fool!

SOURCE: Twitter


SOURCE: Twitter


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