80% of Americans Oppose “Sanctuary Cities”


President Trump has promised to Make America Secure Again. That means securing our borders and making sure we deport illegals who commit hard crimes.

Despite roadblocks put up by renegade bureaucrats, President Obama, and Democratic mayors, President Trump is pushing forward with his solutions to fix our broken immigration system.

Part of that is taking federal funds away from so-called “sanctuary cities” that openly harbor criminal illegal aliens and refuse to cooperate with federal police on matters of deportation.

They are all run by radical open borders Democrats. President Trump has pledged to cut their federal funding, and Texas’ Governor has already gone after one municipality refusing to comply with immigration officials.

Democrats will try to protest and stop this, but they won’t have many Americans on their side.

And it isn’t a small percentage either:

Despite media lies, the American people are with President’s Trump. Even Hispanic Americans believe we need to secure our borders, end sanctuary cities, and deport criminals out of this country.

Sanctuary cities will put up a bit of a fight, but they’re potentially leaving billions on the table if they fail to comply with federal laws:

Their choice is simple: comply with laws and keep their federal money, or explain to their citizens why a few criminals undocumented immigrants were worth giving up so much money.


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